Google and GM get innovative and integrated

In an on-going series of moves between the auto giant and the search giant, Google and GM in the U.S. have teamed up to showcase that Google delivers interactivity with the launch of the new Saturn campaign in partnership with Goodby, Silverstein & Partners.

Via CNet:

Visitors to a variety of Web sites in six cities around the country that are home to 22 Saturn dealerships will see what look like typical banner ads for Aura, a new Saturn midsize sedan. Clicking on an ad will produce a view of the earth that zooms in on the dealership nearest to the computer user.

The doors to the virtual dealership fly open, revealing the general manager, who introduces a brief commercial about Aura. After the spot ends, the general manager returns, standing next to an Aura and offering choices that include spinning the car 360 degrees, inspecting its engine, printing a map with directions to the dealership and visiting the Web sites of Saturn or the dealer.

The project is intended to stimulate demand for Aura test-drives with a twist: The dealerships will deliver the cars to the homes of consumers. The theme of the project is “Take the 250,000-mile test drive.”

I love that this campaign embraces the dealership walk-around experience and showcases the features and warmth of the Saturn brand without overkill or irrelevance to what I as a potentially purchaser would be interested in. And of course, delivering the car to your door? Priceless.

[photo credit: Elsie esq. on Flickr]

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Comments (1) to “Google and GM get innovative and integrated”

  1. [...] I agree Google wanted eyeballs from YouTube. But to pretend it has nothing to do with search and deep results, and is mainly about inserting ads into videos, is shortsighted. Although YouTube doesn’t provide transcripts of videos, they are in heavy negotiations with major content providers to continue to develop their product, and have just announced deals with Sony BMG, Universal Music Group, and CBS. The partnerships are a sliver of the type of integration possible as we continue to explore the limits of 2.0 applications and user-generated content. The recent out-of-the-box online campaign with Saturn shows the potential of the types of targetting and cross-media promotion Google can deliver. Up to this point both Google and YouTube have been respectful of consumers lack of interest in watching a pre-roll ad before their video choice and I find it hard to believe they would abandon their model completely in a rush to make consumers watch ads while searching for relevant information. Much more likely is an integration and expansion of the current AdWords program as well as partnerships and other opportunities for advertisers. [...]

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