Marketing Geeks, Social Media, Toronto, and Shel

It was quite a whirlwind of interesting and engaging people, excellent thought provoking conversation, and not enough time to meet or talk to everyone the last 24 hours, as Shel Holtz hit T-dot to speak at an AIMS Canada event.

Last night a gaggle of marketing and social media geeks (okay, I love that… a Gaggle of Geeks!) gathered at Big Daddy’s downtown for dinner to chat about all things related and not. Shel, David, and Michael have weighed in with their takes already (and quite a nice photo!) so I won’t dwell on that portion, but do want to note that blog/ RSS overload seems to be a common theme among quite a few of us and in terms of me, I’m pretty certain I can see the warning signs of DADD (Digital Attention Defict Disorder) already…

This afternoon afforded a chance to hear Shel’s take on the past and future of social media and its impact on marketing and communications.

The main take-aways are what he terms “truths” (and I agree):

  1. New media do not kill old media [They evolve. They shift. They adapt.]
  2. The audience controls the message
    • The message is controlled in the conversation
  3. Numbers don’t matter [it's not the size but the influence that matters]
  4. Institutions must engage in the conversation
  5. Institutions must cede control of the message in order to participate in the conversation

Great points and ones that resonate with my philosophy to marketing. Shel’s an engaging speaker and one whom I’d gladly sit down with again.

[photo credit: scienceduck on Flickr]

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Comments (2) to “Marketing Geeks, Social Media, Toronto, and Shel”

  1. Gaggle Of Geeks – Nice! Great meeting you at the dinner Tamera, glad you could make it.

  2. Thanks Kathryn, it was great meeting you as well! Excellent event to start off the AIMS fall season.

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