Recognizing the need for benchmarks in social media measurement

As the social space begins to mature and more attention is paid by marketers on how you can provide some type of measurement on your outreach efforts through social media channels, efforts are being made to define benchmarks for metrics. To that end, Joe Thornley, of Thornley Fallis Communications, has organized a Social Media Measurement Roundtable for May 20th, 2008 in Toronto. There are some very smart and accomplished people coming (yours truly included), and we will be spending the day debating and trying to establish “dashboards” for measurement and assembling the results in a white paper for social distribution. The participants hail from Communications, PR, Marketing, Analytics, and the social media space. Kudos to Joe & team for doing the heavy lifting and organizing this session.

As those who know me, or read my blog, are aware, I’m a wee bit of an oddity in the social media space because while recognizing the power (and necessity) of community, communications and honest engagement, I also come at the space from an integrated marketing standpoint and recognize the need for brands to continue to “brand”, that awareness still matters at a certain point in the interaction/funnel, that there will always be a “next” but history and context still matter, businesses need to sell stuff, and that the digital tools (and creative) used can impact the nature of the interaction… among other things! To that end, a few of the issues I’m very interested in talking about is interaction and engagement from the “time spent engaged”, “long-tail” & “opt-in” aspects. I’d also love to hear from the community on any questions or points you would like raised during the day-long session!

Leave a comment, drop me a line, or tweet @ me with your thoughts or insight… I’ll share results as we go, and plan on attending Third Tuesday Toronto (on yes, wait for it, a Tuesday this time! :)) and will be happy to chat further!

[photo credit: chrisjohnbeckett via flickr]

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Comments (6) to “Recognizing the need for benchmarks in social media measurement”

  1. Tamera,
    I look forward to meeting you at the Roundtable and hearing more of your thoughts. I am sure it will be a very interesting discussion.

  2. Tamera,

    Good to meet you at the Roundtable. I am worried. You seem to be more fun than I am.

    I agree that brand still matters, what has changed is the mar-com mix. Broadcast is still the dominant form of media. But social media is quickly emerging and it will overtake broadcast as the most important form.

    Whereas corps could rent or buy broadcast media with great flexibility, transmitting their brand via social media is a function of social capital.

    So I believe that the nature of brands must also change to make them more finadable and shareable (as your describe in your post re: social media news release), so corps would be well served by developing the concept of memetic branding.

    I have proposed to expand on all of this in a changethis manifesto which is up for voting until June 19th at:

    I hope that you will support it.

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  4. Dear Tamera

    I wished I could have read what you guys & gals concluded at the roundtable.

    In the meantime, you can benchmark social media and impact using we are in a private alpha but if you give me a shout, you can test-drive the web-based dashboard/software.

    Greetings from sunny Zurich

  5. [...] as consistent was fun.  David Jones & I connected through our ‘hood.  I am worried. Tamara Kremer might be more fun than me and Collin Douma has already taken the “Johnny Cash of social [...]

  6. Hey Tamara,

    My ChangeThis manifesto along these themes was released today. You might be interested:


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