About (3i) blog

(3i) is an idea. Or more accurately, Tamera’s (me) philosophy to marketing. All great marketing starts with innovation. The status quo just doesn’t cut it anymore. People are savvy consumers and won’t buy ’spin’ if the product or idea is subpar. Innovation comes in many shapes and sizes. It could be for a product that will change the way we consume natural resources. Or it could be a new way to communicate or build communities online. But at its core it is the life force of change. So do it. Innovate. Be creative. Change your perception.

What is innovation without a means to communicate to the people who can benefit from it? A nice idea. Or a waste of mass media marketing budgets. Integration is a necessity. Integrate ideas and ways to communicate them. Integrate your teams. Integrate your strategies. Integrate your software systems. Just make sure you are truly integrating and not just trying to hammer a cube into a square. Integration takes time, planning, serious effort and a willingness to change.

What comes next is up to the consumer. But if you were really paying attention all the way through & cared about who you were building it for, your innovative product, or service, or idea, will ignite with the people it needs to.

And (3i) is born.

All contributions and opinions are welcome and valued. In fact, the goal of the blog is to create an ongoing, honest and provocative conversation between all people that marketing touches – creatives, techies, marketers, producers, planners, rabble rousers, etc. Only by talking to each other and challenging each other can we move forward and create change… Come on in, the waters fine. :)